Protests by Irish women's groups have knocked out boxer Mike Tyson.

The former heavyweight champion and convicted rapist was scheduled to appear along with Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan Friday at "An Evening with Mike Tyson."

But the evening ended early for Tyson, who has been trying to reform his awful reputation with recent appearances on "Oprah."

While a spokesman said the event had been called off "due to unforeseen circumstances," the cicumstances were actually in plain view as women’s advocate groups expressed their disgust at the planned event.

Tyson was jailed for three years in 1993 after being found guilty of the rape of beauty queen Desiree Washington.

Eileen Calder of the Rape Crisis Centre in Belfast said she felt sick when she heard Tyson would be visiting the Northern Ireland capital.

“Believe me, if this was the other way around, he would not even be allowed into the country.

“The United States does not allow convicted rapists in, they are interested in protecting their citizens.

“I would appeal to boxing fans to look beyond his boxing to what he has done — he is a convicted rapist.”

She also body-slammed McGuigan for agreeing to take part.

“Barry needs to hang his head in shame,” she said.

“I have always been a huge fan of his, I even considered naming one of my children after him. He has done so much great work for charities and integrated education. I can’t believe he has agreed to take part in this.”