Last Friday a Bronx woman was overjoyed when she spotted her missing Irish Wolfhound on a TODAY report. Now just five days later she’s returning her dog to the pound.

Ruth Torres initially lost her dog, Dusty, when her brother abandoned him at a dog run. Three weeks later she spotted the dog on a TODAY spot about giving dogs a makeover.  However, just six days after she was reunited with her dog, the Bronx local says she feels “awful” but she has to permanently part with the dog.

Torres explained that over the last three weeks she has moved in to her mother’s home where there are another three dogs. Sadly the large Irish dog does not get on with her mother’s dogs.
It appears that Irish Dusty is “too wild” for the other pets.

Sadly his owner returned him to the Animal Care and Control shelter who groomed him for this  TODAY appearance. Torres says she did not abandon the dog the first time.

The shelter’s spokesman told NBC they have already received several calls about Dusty and they are hopeful that he will find a home.

Here’s NBC’s report:

Here’s the initial story about the dog on the “TODAY”:

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