While there was no white Christmas in Ireland this year, the dramatic change in temperature over the course of the holidays has been likened to a Christmas roller-coaster.

On Christmas Day, a new record was set as people enjoyed 14.4C (57.7F) degree temperatures.

However, later in the week, 130kmph winds resulted in bridges being closed in parts of the country. Yet, there is more good news for the New Year with forecasters predicting a balmy kick start to the weekend.

Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster, Jonathan Powell, told the Irish Examiner: "This mild spell is right up there with the most unusual weather events we have seen in Ireland for many years. I can’t recall anything like it in recent years."


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Met Éireann’s forecast said: "New Year’s Eve will be mild with highs of 9-12C, (48- 43F) breezy, mostly cloudy with some rain but generally small amounts and some bright or short sunny spells.

"The night will be a mild end to the year, with lowest temperatures of 6-9C (42- 48F) and dry spells with just patches of light drizzle here and there — but indications suggest a spell of very wet weather will spread from the Atlantic late in the night. New Year’s Day will have some heavy rain in the morning, but fresher, clearer, more showery weather later."