Irish people are divided by the decision to allow a mosque to be built close to the site of Ground Zero, according to the latest Irish Times Poll.

The poll conducted on Thursday posed the question “Should an Islamic cultural centre be constructed close to the site of Ground Zero?”

The results surprised many with 49% voting for and 51% against.

Some participants were extremely adamant in their views.

Unwavering Mary in Dublin thinks the mosque should go ahead: “Would anyone like to guess how many Muslims have been killed in Iraq since 911? No one knows but its hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children. Let them have their mosque.”

Barbara in the United States spoke about the proximity of the mosque: “I have to wonder, if the proposed sight is 'too close' then how far away is 'far enough' - New Jersey? Maybe there's a need for such a community center in the neighborhood and these particular Muslims are the only ones willing to build one?”

Meanwhile Margaret in Ireland believes that currently there are more than enough mosques in New York City: “No. It seems everyone’s cultural sensitivities are paramount except those of Americans. This is in very bad taste indeed. There are 20 mosques in New York, more than enough to serve the existing Muslim population. I would question the motivation of the people behind this.”

Last week, Irish American families who had lost loved ones in the September 11th attacks spoke out against the proposed building of the mosque and community center.