Ireland’s Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is facing anger from the hundreds of thousands of Irish families affected by immigration saying that many of those emigrating are doing it for “lifestyle reasons."
His comments come just weeks after the Central Statistics Iffice released figures showing that one person leaves Ireland every six minutes and 89,000 people emigrated in the 12 month period leaving to April 2013.
On Saturday Noonan commented on the recent research from the University College of Cork, which showed that two-thirds of those leaving Ireland have a third-level education. Their research also showed that almost half of these people had full-time jobs and that they reported higher levels of satisfaction with their quality of life abroad.
Noonan said, “The interesting finding was that three-quarters of the young Irish emigrating have jobs. Half of them are in permanent jobs.
"So there are issues other than unemployment driving them abroad.”
Sinn Fein European elections candidate Councillor Matt Carthy told the Irish Independent these high emigration levels were a sign that austerity was not working.
He said, "The fact that so many young people see no future in Ireland is an indictment of the failed policies of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.”