Expert police units have high alert security plans in place for the funeral of Dublin Don, Eamon Dunne tomorrow.

Dunne was assassinated by a group of four professional hired guns in a crowded bar on April 23. He was shot with military precision, six times to the back of the head.

Searches of the northside Dublin church and cemetery have been carried out in advance of the 34-year-old gang leader’s funeral. Homes and haunts of several suspects are also under constant surveillance.

The funeral will undoubtedly attract a great number of gangland figures. Plainclothes police will monitor the congregation by mingling with the crowd.

Detectives leading the murder investigation will also be observing the crowd to see who does not attend. Eamon Dunne had many enemies and police are attempting to whittle down the number of suspects from various families and gangs.

Dunne’s funeral is just one in a long list of Irish gangland bosses funeral’s over the years.

The most recent was Dutchy Holland’s funeral last year. Police believe he was the criminal responsible for the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin. Others include Marlo Hyland in 2006 and Martin Cahill (The General) in 1984. 

Eamon Dunne’s obituary simply read “The death has occurred of Eamon Dunne of Dublin. Beloved son of Eamon and Margaret.”

Dublin Don: Eamon Dunne who was killed execution style in a gangland killing