One month after the death of Rehma Sabir, the baby who was cared for by Cavan native Aisling McCarthy Brady, the Irish nanny will appear in a Boston court to hear the charges against her.

On January 14th, baby Sabir’s first birthday, McCarthy Brady, who was caring for the child at the time, called an ambulance. The baby presented with severe head trauma at the hospital. Two days later McCarthy Brady was arrested when the baby died and after police found blood in the child’s bedroom.

The 34-year-old nanny, with 13 years experience, has been in prison since. She will appear in court later today to hear the official charges against her and hear the results of the autopsy performed on baby Sabir.

McCarthy Brady has lived in Quincy, Boston,  since 2002. Originally from outside Lavey, in County Cavan, the nanny had been living and working undocumented in the United States having overstayed her 90-day vacation visa waiver.

The Cavan woman’s defense team, headed by attorney Melinda Thompson, have been on the offense and have requested further evidence of logs, diaries and information from the Sabir family.

An examination of the baby revealed several prior bone fractures that appeared to be between two weeks and two months old. Also the baby had recently returned from an overseas trip with her parents and had presented with malnutrition.

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However until now the autopsy status on Rehma Sabir has been “pending.” It is believed that the results of this medical examination could lead to an allegation of murder in McCarthy Brady’s case.

Prosecutors are claiming that McCarthy Brady was the person in contact with the child when the head trauma presented on January 14th occurred. Baby Sabir suffered massive brain swelling and bleeding behind the eyes.

However as Boston attorney Michael Doolin points out McCarthy Brady cannot be officially charged until the results are official.

He told the Globe, “The tragic part of this is that you have someone in custody and the government doesn’t even have an autopsy report or the cause of death.

“That’s the part that scares you.”

However, Kevin ­Whaley, assistant chief medical examiner in Virginia believed that blunt force trauma to the head is the most likely outcome of the autopsy.

He said, “Most times, nothing else is going to cause that constellation of injuries besides blunt force trauma.

“But you have to run a bunch of tests to play devil’s advocate.”

Despite the fact that the cause of death seems to be evident experts believe that McCarthy Brady’s defense team are in with a fighting chance giving the prior injuries found in baby Sabir’s case.

The case continues with the hearing on February 22.

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Timeline of events according to court documents:

7:30 Am- Sameer Sabir left the couples home
7:50 am: Brady arrives for work
8:15 am: Child is woken by her mother Nada
9:30 am: Mother goes to work
8:30 – 9:30am:  Neighbor hear baby crying in the apartment starting after 8:30 am and peaking at around 9:30 am with ‘extreme crying’.
1pm: Brady says she fed Rehma lunch at around 1pm.
4pm: She became concerned the baby was still sleeping and woke her.
Called 911