Irish nannies have been offered a $100,000 plus wage packet to live in luxury in Russia.

A Russian recruitment agency has arrived in Dublin to recruit childcare workers and teachers.

The Irish Independent reports that the agency is offering live-in jobs with Russian millionaires paying up to $120,000 a year.

Perks include private jet travel, luxury accommodation and chauffeurs.

The wealthy Russian families want to make sure their children grow up speaking English.

The Bonne International agency told the paper that it already has two Irish women working with families in Russia and now wants to recruit up to 100 more degree-educated men and women with male tutors increasingly in demand.

The report says governesses and nannies will earn between $5,000 and $7,500 a month while teachers in the private pre-schools it runs in Moscow will earn between $2,500 and $5,500.

The paper spoke to primary school teacher Mary Young who moved from Carlingford in Co Louth to Moscow to work as a private tutor to a six-year-old girl, teaching her English and ferrying her to ballet and art classes.

She told the Independent that as well as a good salary, a lovely apartment and a driver, she enjoys a huge amount of five-star travel with the family, with whom she’s been for nearly two years.

Young said: “We go to Dubai twice a year, St Morritz in Switzerland twice a year for skiing and the south of France for the summer months.

“I had been working as a substitute teacher in Ireland with limited possibilities for full-time work and though I had been petrified initially to move to Moscow. I would urge anyone struggling to pay the mortgage at home to consider it, as it is an extremely lively city.”

Recruitment manager Anna Gremitskikh told the Independent that candidates would receive a teaching visa and a detailed contract, with return flights home if a placement didn’t work out, and 24-hour support to assist them with adjusting to life in Russia.

Irish nannies have been offered a $100,000 plus wage packet to live in luxury in Russia.