Top Government officials and the Irish Police have advised the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheal Martin, to expel an Israeli diplomat that they suspect was involved in forging Irish passports for a Mossad hit squad.

Britain and Australia have already expelled Israeli diplomats that they suspect were involved in forging passports for an Israeli hit squad.

The Mossad hit squad consisted of up to 30 individuals, all of which carried forged passports from countries such as Britain, Australia, and France.

The Mossad agents assassinated Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, a Hamas official in Dubai.

Martin is expected to propose to the ministerial cabinet that Ireland expel the Israeli diplomat. There have also been calls to expel the Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Dr Zion Evrony.

The Israeli embassy is located in Dublin's Ballsbridge area and currently employs two security officers that the Irish government believes were responsible for forging eight Irish passports.

Martin will make his recommendations to the cabinet in two weeks time.

"The Minister is determined that such action as decided by the Government be seen as a clear and targeted response to the very serious issue of the misuse of Irish passports and that it not be confused with reaction to any other international incident. He will time his statement on the misuse of passports accordingly,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, has warned that there will be "serious consequences" if Israeli commandos forcibly board the Irish ship 'Rachel Corrie.' The ship is the soul survivor of the flotilla and is currently en route to Gaza.

Former Nobel peace price winner, Mairéad Corrigan-Maguire, and former UN diplomats are on board the ship.

The Irish Government has called on Israel to allow the boat to unload in Gaza.

"These actions, which resulted in at least nine people being killed and approximately 30 being injured, were completely disproportionate and unacceptable,” said Cowen.
 “It is clear that the incident took place in international waters. The legal basis for the action of the Israelis is at the very least open to serious question.”