Dignity 4 Patients, a support group for patients, met with Minister for Health Mary Harney this week to urge her to make public the findings that more than 200 people are now alleging abuse against Michael Shine,  the consultant surgeon struck off the practitioners' register by the Medical Council for sexually abusing his patients.

The support group are accusing the government of “burying” the findings into the allegations causing patients further stress and traumas. 

Founder of the support group and former nurse, Bernadette Sullivan, feels the government don’t want to publish the report because they are afraid of opening up a can of worms of sexual abuse in the health system.

"One can only draw the conclusion that they are burying this case," Sullivan said.

"That they are completely not wanting to look at it."

Shine worked at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Dublin for 30 years up until 1994.

It is believed that the Irish police are investigating up to 120 reported cases against Shine.

Harney appointed former high court judge TC Smyth to investigate the allegations and to rule if an inquiry would be needed.

However during a meeting with the Minister Smyth said the report should not be made public for fear of criminal prosecutions.