An Irish family on holiday in Britain has been ordered out of their vacation trailer resort after one of them fell ill with suspected swine flu.

The owners of the Cala Gran Holiday Park in Fleetwood, Blackpool, quarantined the family in their their trailer and posted a security guard outside after learning that Niamh Powell (21) from Kinnegad in County Westmeath had fallen ill with suspected swine flu.

Powell became ill on Friday night and her mother Jacqueline called a British helpline where she was told to keep Powell where she was for 48 hours and to start a course of Tamiflu.

"I was only back in the caravan half an hour when the manager rang and said we had to vacate," said Jacqueline.

"He said it's their policy if anyone gets swine flu then they have to protect the caravan park and vacate. He said 'we'll arrange for you and your family to get the boat home'."

"He didn't even have the decency to come in person to tell us to vacate, he just phoned . . . It's absolutely terrible to be treated that way.

"I rang the NHS and the girl on the phone told me to tell the manager it was her recommendation that Niamh should not be moved for 48 hours. He just doesn't want to know. He has made up his mind and that's it."

"I couldn't risk taking her on the boat, so I'm putting her in the car and taking her to my uncle's house in Manchester. It's 45 minutes away so I hope we'll be alright. If it's swine flu, I'm not willing to take her on the ferry and put other people's lives at risk," she said.