Irish eyes are smiling as search giant Google has confirmed that the company plans to bring more jobs to Ireland.

Google held its annual pow-wow in Kerry Monday where CEO Eric Schmidt addressed some 2,500 sales staff.

The 2,500 vistors came in by plane, trains and automobiles and provided some much-needed economic stimulus to Killarney where the conference took place.

Google recently announced a 7 percent increase in third-quarter revenue and Schmidt now says the worst of the recession is over.

John Herlilhy, the head of Google’s Irish operations, said the company wanted to continue to invest and "if Dublin is the correct place we will look to make that investment.”

Dublin's docklands has been pegged as the most likely venue for any Google expansion in Ireland as they already operate out of the area.

“We think there’s a huge benefit to remaining in Dublin," Herlihy said. "It’s better to just expand – we do better with relatively large but tight environments, better referrals, the quality of candidates overall is better and the energy better.

“When Google looks at the Irish phenomena – this is still a very good place to be hiring. I’d prefer to put people here – I’ve got the workforce, they’re well educated, I’ve got the management team and the infrastructure is here already.”