A Limerick man who tried to convince a storeowner that he slipped on spilt milk was caught on camera opening and spilling the liquid himself.

The 20-something was considering suing the store, but the footage doesn’t leave him much of a case to argue.

"He told me he had phoned his solicitor and that it was going to cost me thousands (of euro) but we have heard nothing from his solicitor yet, and if he does put in a claim we will ask the gardai to prosecute him for fraud," said store owner Shane Gleeson, according to the Irish Independent.

Litigation for such claims in Ireland has tapped the insurance industry for over $145 million dollars annually.

"Our view is that the majority of claims are genuine and that only a small minority are fraudulent or exaggerated," Irish Insurance Federation’s Michael Horan told the Independent.

However, the struggling Irish economy and lack of job opportunities might be a factor in people trying to make an easy buck.

“The general feeling within the industry is that there is a link between the recession and the temptation to make a fraudulent or exaggerated claim," added Horan.

Thanks to the CCTV footage Shane Gleeson gathered at his store, it looks like he will be well prepared should the “milk man” decide to file a claim.