A new Irish technology start-up company, SmartBuilder Software Ltd, has launched a new iPhone application called Site Clean Up, which it claims will help building firms clean-up their construction sites more cost effectively.

The new Irish start-up is developing mobile software for use on construction sites both in Ireland and internationally.

Recognizing that sub-contractors are often slow to clean sites or even leave sites without cleaning them, the company realized that contractors are often faced with untidy and potentially unsafe sites, which means adding additional staff to clean them up.

In addition to safety issues and environmental impact this can end up costing main contractors hundreds of thousands of euro over the course of a year.  

Now SmartBuilder Software, has designed a new application to be used by building firms of all sizes, that will help provide a way for site managers to use their iPhones once they spot clean up infringements on site.

The new application gives the contractor the ability to record and notify sub-contractors to clean-up by a set date or face penalties.

In addition to recording the conditions and sending warnings, the application also contains a dashboard which displays the status of the number of pending, late or closed-out issues.

Peter Daly, Managing Director and co-founder SmartBuilder Software told the press: 'In today’s economic environment no building contractor can afford these sort of wastages and inefficiencies. Site Clean Up was developed as a response to a need builders were telling us about. The benefits of using our Site Clean Up app will add to our clients’ bottom line immediately and also result in cleaner and safer building sites. It is also good for sub-contractors who get to run their businesses more efficiently so it is a win-win app for all parties.'

SmartBuilder Software is targeting the UK, U.S. and Irish markets with the Site Clean Up app which is priced at $19.99.