People of all ages gathered on the popular avenue of McLean in Yonkers to celebrate the second annual Fall Festival on Saturday, September 15th.

Yonkers locals and visitors took to the street early on Saturday morning to enjoy the sunshine, join in fun and games and to see what local merchants and vendors had to offer.

The festival, presented by the McLean Avenue Merchants Association, marks the beginning of the fall season.

In a city that can be so overwhelming and lonely at times, Woodlawn in Yonkers never fails to capture the feeling of homeliness and welcomeness for both its residents and anyone who comes to visit.

No matter what the occasion or date is, McLean Avenue always finds the best way to celebrate that everyone can participate in.

The Fall Festival began at 11am on Saturday last. Hundreds of people walked up and down the crowded avenue enjoying the atmosphere in the air.

The activities stretched from Danny Macs bar to McKeowns pub on McLean.

Local merchants and vendors set up stands selling products and produce. Any amount of cuisine was available from the avenue’s pizzeria, bakeries, delis, and restaurants. Volunteers baked their own treats for the public at a small donation which went towards different charities.

All the bars between Woodlawn Avenue and Cox Avenue were hopping. Outdoor seating and drink stands outside were also provided by most bars, with music to be heard everywhere along the avenue. Ned Devines - the central point of the avenue had a lively band playing throughout the day outside.

As usual The Heritage Bar and Restaurant pulled out all the stops and showed punters a great time.

Information was available at different stands about anything from health to insurance to finance. Registrations were on offer for the likes of Bootcamps in the area and Irish dancing schools - with tons of young girls and boys doing jigs and reels up and down the avenue in beautiful costumes.

While grown ups and parents could enjoy the day by having a pint or two, there was plenty to amuse the kids. A ferris wheel was set up on the top of Martha avenue, along with endless amount of games and more rides up and down McLean to keep everyone entertained.

There were more than enough police officers around on the day to ensure everything went smoothly.

The festival finished up a success at 6pm on Saturday evening, with plenty of businesses being happy after a busy day, as well as satisfied festival goers.

The McClean Avenue Band