EU Kids Online have published research which shows that Irish children are the most responsible users of social networking sites, in the 27 EU nations.

They were found to be the least likely to be publish their address or telephone number online. Irish children are also most likely to have private profiles.

The groups research looked at the experiences and practices of European children and parents regarding use of the Internet and online technologies, such as social networking sites.

Brian O’Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology said “This study shows children are going online younger than ever before and that the youngest children are those who find it hardest to cope with upsetting online experiences...This is the area where schools, parents, government and industry need to work together to protect and educate.”

Some of the studies findings -


Use of Internet for school work -     Europe 84 percent
Watching video clips -                       Europe 83 percent
Playing games -                                 Europe 74 percent
Communicating -                               Europe 61 percent


Home -           Europe 85 percent
School -         Europe 63 percent
Bedroom -     Ireland 35 percent
                        Europe 48 percent