For Irish citizens looking to come to the United States to work in the hospitality industry, things are not always easy. There are complicated procedures involved in setting oneself up Stateside, and often the availability of jobs is under-advertised. Now, however, a new business is intent on harnessing the enthusiasm of Irish workers and placing them in job markets all around America.

Irish Business Solutions, based out of Arlington, Virginia, is the vision of its president, Co. Waterford native Brendan Barry. Originally immersed in the software industry, Barry stumbled upon the idea for his company after a visit to a conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C.

“I couldn’t believe the hardships bar and restaurant managers went through to get good quality Irish talent,” Barry says. “It was always clear to me that the people in Ireland were so anxious and ready to work, yet they were having trouble getting in contact with Irish pubs and restaurants.”

The idea soon began to take shape, and Barry moved quickly to begin finding the best opportunities for Irish workers, as well as quality business solutions for American employers.

When prospective workers send in their applications, Irish Business Solutions condenses their hospitality requirements, processes their résumé, and enters them into their extensive database of job listings. As listings start to come in for bar managers, general managers, or other staff positions, they cross-reference these résumés and create a list of viable candidates.

“Once this list comes out, we offer the unique feature of having them complete a video interview,” says Barry. “We have partnered with Sonru – the leading providers of video interview technology – and will work with the candidate to make sure that the finished product is a true reflection of their personality and skillset.

“I look at our business from a recruitment point of view. Our databases have pro-checked résumés and can serve as a one-stop-shop for Irish pubs and restaurants looking to expand their workforce.”

The success of this process has allowed Barry’s business to place young Irish workers in locations around the US, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, Colorado, and California. Furthermore, he has begun setting up workshops and events designed to advise local pubs and restaurants on how to increase profits.

On January 17, Barry held his first function in Washington, D.C., with speakers on all manner of subjects concerning Irish pubs and restaurants. In the year ahead, he has scheduled a number of events on the East Coast to spread the word and try to help out members of the hospitality industry who are in need.

On May 23 and June 13, Barry and his crew will head to New York City and Boston, respectively, to help owners and managers cut down on costs and increase profits. With speakers focusing on social media campaigns, managing profits, and immigration and hiring issues, Barry hopes that he will encourage businesses to hire Irish workers coming to the US on working visas.

“I know how much people hate to be told how to run their businesses,” he says. “We’re not telling people how to run a business, we’re simply trying to give them up-to-date information, from which they can gain even that smallest 1% of profit.”

The workshops have space for 100 managers and owners, with ten vendor booths each representing a specific part of the industry. With a number of booths still available for the East Coast expos, Barry hopes that anyone who supplies any aspect of service to the industry will get involved.

“This is really a chance to go in front of the true decision makers – owners and managers – as well as members of the industry, and spread the value of your product.”

Tickets to the events are $199, but Barry is adding extra incentive for those who follow Irish Business Solutions on Facebook, by running a draw for two free tickets open to anyone who “likes” their page by Friday, May 18.

For more information about Irish Business Solutions, visit For more on the upcoming events, or to purchase a vendor booth, contact Brendan at (571) 296-8572, or by email at

Brendan Barry, CEO Irish Business Solutions Inc