The County Cavan nanny, Aisling McCarthy Brady, accused of assaulting a one-year-old Cambridge, Boston, baby was granted the motion to preserve evidence, including travel itinerary and journals from the Sabir family.

Melinda Thompson, the nanny’s defense attorney, spoke to the Boston Herald after Friday’s court hearing. She said “She’s upset…She’s devastated because she didn’t do this."

The 34-year-old nanny remains in custody and will appear in court again on March 22. It is believed that by this date baby Rehma Sabir’s autopsy report will be returned.  Prosecutors say her charges could be upgraded to murder after these results including exams of the child’s brain, eyes and bones are returned.

Although present in court, at the Middlesex District Court in Cambridge outside Boston, McCarthy Brady did not show her face. She is being held on $500,000 cash bail.

The child’s parents, Sameer Sabir (34) and Nada Siddiqui (29), were not present in court.

Baby Sabir died in hospital on January 16th, two days after her first birthday, when McCarthy Brady had called an ambulance from their family’s Cambridge home. The child presented with serious head trauma and bleeding behind the eyes.

However follow a more thorough examination doctors at the Children’s Hospital also found the baby had several other broken bones and healing injuries which were between two weeks and two months old.

On Friday Judge Severlin B Singleton III granted Thompson’s motion to preserve evidence including McCarthy Brady’s own daily journals about Rehma Sabir, the child’s travel itinerary, and the Sabir family laptop computer and all documents, emails, internet searches and the hard drive of the computer for the period since January 18th, 2012, reports the Irish Times.

Also preserved as evidence are McCarthy Brady’s cell phone (seized at her arrest on January 16th), including records of tolls, texts, voicemails and other data.

Rehma’s medical records since her birth, travel records, any communications between the state authorities and the investigating agencies involved in the case, and the medical staff at Children’s Hospital in.

The case is now adjourned until March 22nd when a statement on probable cause will be read. This will set out the police case against McCarthy Brady.

Defense attorney Melinda Thompson addresses Judge Michele Hogan. Inset Aisling McCarthy Brady.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff