For those in Ireland who have been wondering what to watch on TV over the Easter holiday weekend, a bishop has made his recommendation: nothing!

The Bishop of Down and Dromore in Northern Ireland says people should boycott television beginning on Good Friday.

Rev. Harold Miller said he was "stunned" at broadcasters' offerings after reading the Easter TV listings.

He claimed there were no additional religious programs in the schedules, and those listed would "do little to feed our souls."

The BBC said it was committed to offering a wide range of religious programming at Easter.

After reading the Radio Times, the Church of Ireland bishop said he was alarmed to see broadcasters had not made any attempt to produce new religious programs.

He said the best thing to do "is turn off our television on Good Friday."

Miller said he would have liked to have seen more in-depth religious schedules running from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, but instead "pretty well nothing" was scheduled.

He pointed out that the morning service, which was usually shown on Palm Sunday, was "kicked off by the Formula One."