Paddy Powers, Ireland’s largest bookmakers, are giving odds in favour of Barack Obama winning the 2012 presidential election against Republican Mitt Romney.

According to Paddy Powers figures, only 25.5 percent of bettors are in favour of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan team. Romney’s odds jumped from 9-to-2 to 4-to-11 after his clear win at the Denver debate last Thursday.

However, Paddy Powers figures show that since Romney announced that he’d run for the election, 74.5 percent of Irish bettors have placed their money on President Barack Obama to win.

A spokesperson from Paddy Power said, “Obama looked to be home and dry in our customers’ eyes about two weeks ago, however there’s been a recent surge in support for Romney which would suggest that Obama might be in a Mitt of trouble."

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President Barack Obama still winning according to Irish bettors at Paddy PowerGoogle Images