A 65-year-old woman from New Jersey is suing the matchmaking website Two of Us for setting her up on a day with a criminal.

Jeanne McCarthy paid Two of Us $7,000 in January 2011 to allow their “highly personalized compatibility search” to find her a romantic match. McCarthy was paired with a 73-year-old man from Arizona, unnamed in the suit, who has three drunk driving convictions and an outstanding criminal warrant.

McCarthy filed her lawsuit with the Superior Court of New Jersey in Mercer County on 4th June. She is suing PMM Inc, which is doing business as Two Of Us in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

According to UPI.com she is suing for breach of contract, fraud and consumer fraud.  Her suit states that the Two of Us promised to “provide one or two matches over a two month period [and] evaluate and screen the matches”.

The suit states that the site “merely collects a fee from anyone who signed up and would simply match members at random”.

McCarthy, a technical writer by trade, said the site claims to provide a more thorough matchmaking service.  She is requesting her money back as well as unspecified damages.

The lawsuit states, “To her horror [McCarthy] determined that this one date involved a man with three drunk driving convictions and [an] outstanding criminal warrant in Arizona."

 According to the Trentonian newspaper McCarthy was looking for a man between the ages of 58 and 67, who leads an active lifestyle.

Once she had not received a suitable match in the allotted period of time she requested that her agreement with the company be cancelled and she demanded an immediate refund.

Vice President of Two of US Ethan Baker said this incident is completely isolated.

Speaking to ABC News, he said, "We are providing a service that deals with peoples' emotions. It's not like you have one product and you can tell if it's defective. Each person and result varies dramatically. One person may be disappointed with one introduction but the next can lead to a lifetime with someone else."

He continued, “We don't guarantee dates, we guarantee introductions. After we provide the exchange of information for two members, it's up to them to talk to each other, set up a date and do what they need to do.

“That's clear in the contract as well.”

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