An Irish American man has spent almost $150,000 in preparation for what he believes is the beginning of the end. Robert Fitzpatrick, 60, spent what he called his "life savings" on bus and subway advertisements throughout New York City in preparation for May 21, 2011 – or Judgement Day as Fitzpatrick has referred to it.

Fitzpatrick, a recently retired MTA engineer, is so convinced that the fast approaching date is the end of the world, that he published a book titled "The Doomsday Code." In an interview with the New York Post Fitzpatrick reasoned that his book provided "proof that cannot be dismissed" that the end was at hand. 

This journalist encountered Fitzpatrick on the N train on the New York subway the other day. He was sitting by himself in the back of the last car, billboard and all, and got off at Herald Square. He did not preach or talk to any strap-hangers, despite his attention-grabbing sign proclaiming the end of the world.

Fitzpatrick believes that just before 12 midnight Jerusalem time on the 21st of May, the whole world will experience a massive earthquake which will "render the earth uninhabitable." His predictions are reminiscent of a disaster movie.

Fitzpatrick's obsession with the end of the world stems from the Evangelical radio programs hosted by Harold Camping. Camping uses a formula based on numerology in which he looks for codes and clues in the Bible to predict Judgement Day.

Camping has predicted the end on several occasions, yet Fitzpatrick tells the Post he does not want to consider his own predictions to be wrong. "I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to think about it," Fitzpatrick said, adding that "everybody asks me that."   

Although many may find fault in Fitzpatrick's predictions, he is not alone. With all the civil unrest and natural disasters that have been occurring in the past eighteen months around the world, Fitzpatrick is not unique in his beliefs. Many are jumping on the bandwagon claiming that the end is near indeed. One piece of advice Fitzpatrick offers is for people to stop believing that their destinies are self-determined: "It is not our choice. It is God's choice."


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