The 21-year-old lover of Iris Robinson, 60, has become a gay icon poster-boy.

It has also transpired that Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland First Minister Peter had slammed Hillary Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky affair saying:

"No woman would put up with what she tolerated from her husband when he was president. She was thinking only of her future political career. It's all about power not principle."

Kirk McCambley was only 19 when Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson commenced a torrid affair with him two years ago. Robinson later admitted to the affair and tried to commit suicide.

Robinson has called homosexual behavior an "abomination" and has won “Bigot of the year" awards in the past from Gay organizations in Britain.

Now Attitude, Britain's best-selling gay magazine has asked Robinson's lover to pose on the cover of it's next edition.

Attitude editor Matthew Todd told the Belfast Telegraph his publication has been trying to contact McCambley.

He said: “We would love to see him on the cover of Attitude. We think our readers would go wild for him.”

McAmbley has also been the subject of numerous on line comments on the gay magazine's web site. On comment stated, "going on the picture here, there's no denying that he's a very good looking lad”. Another said: “Attitude want Kirk as their next cover boy!!!! Please make this happen!!!”

He is also hot on Facebook. A new website called the Kirk McCambley Appreciation Society already has more than 3,629 members.