September has been the driest month, in the past 28 years, in Ireland, and the Indian summer is set to continue.

Met Éireann said “Most stations across the country reported their warmest September since 2006. 

“Highest maximum temperatures were mostly recorded on the 4th as a ridge of high pressure centered over the country, with parts of the southwest, south and midlands, measuring their highest September temperatures in seven to 15 years.”

In the south, southwest and west of Ireland, Met Éireann, the national weather service, recorded “absolute drought” between September 1 and 21. This is defined as a “period of 15 or more consecutive days with less than 0.2mm” of rain.

In County Donegal, at the Malin Head weather station, they recorded the driest September since 1933. 

Temperatures across the country were also higher than average and, for the most part, warmer than August. In the south, southwest and west of the country temperatures were over 1.5 degrees Celsius above average. 

In Kerry, at the Valentia Observatory they recorded the warmest September in 23 years and at Cork Airport they recorded the warmest month since 1962.

The highest temperature was recorded at Shannon, County Clare, on September 4, when it hit 75.2F (24C).

Met Eireann Meteorologist Pat Clarke said the weather stations recorded most of their rainfall for the month on one day.

"It was exceptional weather and we had a lot of dry conditions with good sunshine and strong temperatures and even the one or two places that had a bit of rain, much of that fell in one day in thunderstorms because of the heat," he said.

"Overall, September was more like a decent summer month with very good conditions," he said. 

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Clarke warned that Ireland’s weather is due to change. 

“September was abnormal. It was very sunny and dry but there is rain on the way,” which was evidence in most parts of the country on Friday," he said.

Clarke continued: “Now it is all change for a new month. There is some very inclement weather on the charts for the next five days.”