A father-of-four who was shot in the face on his own doorstep in west Dublin last weekend may have been wrongly targeted, police believe.

Patrick 'Padser' Sullivan, 52, was gunned down when he answered the door of his home on Saturday evening. Police described the victim as a family man, who was not known to them.

The Evening Herald reports that the dad was shot at point-blank range Rowlagh Park, Clondalkin, at about 6.20pm. He remains in critical condition in Tallaght Hospital.

His friend Michael Maguire told the Herald that Sullivan suffered serious injuries.

"His jaw is smashed, his voice box got hit, his collar bone was shattered and the bullet punctured his lung as well," he said.

"We just can't believe what has happened. Padser is just a family man, who likes the odd smoke, a pint and a bit of fishing," Mr Maguire said.

Mr Maguire added: "We often go coarse fishing in Cavan. We're good mates. We worked together in the building trade for years.

"I hope to God he pulls through, he's my best mate, but I've been told he's not too good and the doctors will be putting him in a coma for three days."

It is understood Sullivan has lived in Rowlagh Park for more than two decades, with his wife Bernie and four children.

Police investigating the incident believe there were at least two people involved in the shooting and have recovered a burnt-out car that they believe was used by the gunmen.

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