A bank account has been created that will allow the Irish public to donate to help complete the documentary ‘No Limbs, No Limits,' on Irish limbless teenager Joanne O’Riordan.

An appeal was made in late July, searching for funding for the documentary. Joanne's brother, Steve O’Riordan, said in a press release that he has been inundated with queries about donations, something he wasn’t initially expecting, but welcomed.

“I’m absolutely delighted to announce that an Irish company who for now want to remain private have expressed the view that they would like to donate just over €40, 000 to get Joanne’s documentary ‘No Limbs No Limits’ up and running,” Steve O’Riordan stated in a press release.

However, despite the generous private donation, funds are still needed to get Joanne O’Riordan’s documentary made. Accordingly, a bank account has been set up that will receive donations from anyone willing to contribute.

The general public in Ireland can donate as much as they like to the following bank account/number which is under the name of Steven O’ Riordan, Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland, through the Sort Code: 905803 and Account Number 10686261.

People living outside of Ireland can make donations via the No Limbs No Limits website.

If a company would like to donate and get behind this project and the funding is substantial, they can contact nolimbsnolimits@gmail.com. These companies will receive a credit at the end of the documentary as Executive Producer, Producer and or Co- Producer.

As a bit of incentive, if a member of the public donates €50+ they will receive a ticket to the launch of Joanne’s documentary launched in early 2013. Please make sure if you are making a donation like this that you include your name and full address to get your ticket.

The team behind the documentary is aiming to raise €100,000 which will help to finish filming, editing, and marketing for Joanne’s documentary.

In April, O’Riordan, a native of Cork, was the keynote speaker at a panel on technology at the UN in New York. There, she made an appeal for efforts to be put forth in the creation of a robot she could use to make her life easier.

In a promo for the unfinished documentary, viewers can get a glimpse of the extraordinary way of life that O’Riordan encounters everyday. She is just like any other teen, tinkering with her iPhone, iPad and iPod, and giving her father huff about his “yank” outfit.

Still, O’Riordan has appealed to the UN to help create a robot for her use in order to “make life easier.” She has said that “technology is the limb I never had.”

“I know I can overcome the challenges, but I need your help,” O’Riordan said to the UN panel.

Here, watch the promo for O’Riordan’s inspiring new documentary:

Joanne O'Riordan speaking at the UNIrish Times