Former Democratic Unionist Party leader, Reverend Ian Paisley, is reportedly furious over the scandal surrounding Peter and Iris Robinson.

He is anxious that the party which he built up could lose heavily in the next election as a direct result of the shocking revelations relating to the couple, sources told the Sunday Tribune.

Reverend Paisley is a conservative religious figure, and his DUP party has always espoused family values. The Tribune reported that Paisley is particularly disturbed Iris Robinson was lecturing others about the supposed evils of homosexuality when she was herself carrying on extramarital affairs.

In addition, it appears Mrs. Robinson had an affair with both 19-year-old Kirk McCambley and with his father before that, according to the Tribune’s sources.

Paisley’s lack of support for Peter Robinson is in tune with other DUP members, some of whom are calling for Robinson to resign.

“Peter must go and go as quickly as possible,” one party officer told the Tribune.  “He is damaging us all.”

Others are calling for a full investigation of the Robinsons’ finances.

Meanwhile Iris Robinson has been described as a “lonely woman,” by commentators. She loved her husband but had other affairs too, according to journalist Suzanne Breen, who knew her well.

Breen adds that Iris once chatted to her in her dressing room, where black lacy lingerie was on display. She told Breen, “Peter has over 1,000 ties and I have as many bras.”

Embarrassing though these intimate details may be, it looks like the fallout has only just begun. One DUP member had it right when he summed it up: “it’s a grim situation.” For the Robinsons, it is.