Many victims of Hurricane Sandy are still awaiting aid from the superstorm, which hit the east coast over two months ago killing at least 125 people in the US, including 60 in New York.

After intense pressure from both New York and New Jersey, it was announced on Friday the Congress has passed a $9.7 billion bill to help pay flood insurance claims to homeowners, renters and businesses damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

Despite this, Siobhan Dennehy, Director of Emerald Isle Immigration Centre in New York, told RTE’s Morning Ireland program how people in coastal areas and downtown Manhattan are still struggling in the aftermath.

“We heard this evening there is probably in the region of 28 residential buildings in downtown Manhattan that are still not fit to be occupied,” Dennehy told the program.

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The community worker said that many homeowners were forced to abandon home repairs due to harsh weather conditions.

“We had very severe cold weather over the past couple of weeks.

“A lot of folks have probably pushed off into the Spring the whole idea of tackling some of those larger scale construction projects.”

Many of those displaced by the storm are still still living with friends and relations.

Dennehy said they were “trying to cope as best they could” and that many of those affected had issues with their insurers.

“Some people unfortunately discovering that they were underinsured or not insured at all.”

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