An Irish media personality was the target of a homophobic attack in Dublin last month, it has been revealed.

Irish police have released CCTV images of the two suspects who were involved  in the gay bashing incidents in Dublin city center on June 8.

The male victim, who has not been named, is a well known media personality and journalist, according to the Evening Herald.

Investigators say the pair threatened the man with a knife, before punching him in the face and kicking him and stealing his phone.

The 46-year-old victim has been enjoying dinner at a city-center restaurant when they two men approached him and engaged in conversation. They then proceeded to threaten him and before the victim ran from the eatery. The two men then chased him and tripped him up before he was punched and kicked several times.
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A senior source told the Evening Herald: "This is being treated as a homophobic attack -- gardai are 100percent confident of that."

“The victim was left with severe bruising to his body, cuts to his forehead and knees as well as sore ribs after the attack and he is extremely shaken over the incident,” the source said.

"This is a well-known openly gay man who has travelled the world but has never experienced anything like this. It really was a brutal attack."

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