Back in 2008 Barack Obama represented the new kid on the block and he brought with him all the hope and optimism that a new face saying the right things at the right time can bring.

Five-figure checks from Hollywood stars with last names like Hanks, Clooney, and Spielberg were commonplace.

But that was 2008. Now, after a pace of change that some stars consider glacial, frustration is growing among celebrities.

At a recent People for the American Way (PFAW) event in tinsel town host Alec Baldwin greeted guests that included J J Abrams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Hamm, Martin Sheen, Barbra Streisand, Kathleen Turner, Larry Flynt and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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What seemed to unite the guests is disappointment that Obama has so far failed to deliver on signature issues from marriage equality and climate change to human rights and social justice.

Last week PFAW founder Norman Lear, a well known Hollywood producer, rolled his eyes during an interview when Obama's name was mentioned.

'He can't make up his mind about anything,' Lear scoffed. 'He just vacillates. Like Democrats do generally. On taxes, he doesn't take a strong stand. He can't make up his mind about immigration. I don't even know if he's come clean on water-boarding or torture or any of those things.'

Lear reportedly gave just over $32,000 to Obama in 2008 but vows he will not give a cent this time.