Winemaker Russ Irish, along with many anxious customers, are looking forward to the upcoming release of his vineyard’s new Pog Mo Thoin wine brand. As for what "Pog Mo Thoin" means...

Well, it translated as "Kiss my ass" on Gaelic, but just about nobody seems to be in on the joke. In any event, the vinter hopes the apparent vulgarity of the brand's name scare you away. Why Irish chose to name a wine after this curt Celtic saying is a mystery to the public.

“The great thing about these wines is that they’re going to be sold pretty inexpensively because I don’t want to scare people away from knowing what the product is, said Irish of the Pog Mo Thoin and Touriga Nacional wines.

In 1998, the Irish family left the San Fernando Valley to follow their vision, hoping to find a quaint setting where they could raise their children and build a winery. The small town of Vallecito had both, and the historic Batten house became the basis on which this dream would grow.

The Batten farmhouse, built in 1867, offered the family a fresh start, and the 8.3 acres was the perfect place to plant grapes and start their winery.

In August 2003, the family opened the doors to Irish Vineyards and realized their dream. Now the family-owned and operated winery offers small batches of finely crafted wines, created and aged to perfection.

So, raise a glass and "kiss my ass," or, perhaps ir would be better to just say, "Sláinte."