The Guinness world record for a leprechaun gathering was broken in Dublin on Wednesday when 250 of the green gnomes showed up to break the Jay Leno NBC show record.

On March 17th 2011 in Los Angeles Leno had gathered 224 people dressed in leprechaun outfits to crack the world title mark.

However RTE radio show host  Derek Mooney smashed the Leno mark when he got 250 in  leprechaun outfits to set a new mark.

Several foreign leprechauns took part with green guys from Poland and Romania among the many in attendance



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Mooney had been promoting the Leprechaun lollapalooza for weeks and was not disappointed when the old record was well and truly smashed-- though he fell 50 leprechauns short.

Mooney’s Show called for 300 people dressed, quite specifically, as leprechauns to come “stand, sit or skip at a designated location for just 10 minutes” in Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre on November 16th at 2pm.

Two hundred and fifty heeded the call and took place in Dublin’s Grand Canal Square and was carried live on Irish media.

"It's great to bring the record home to Ireland; the spiritual home of leprechauns," said Mooney

"People came from all over the country and further afield to be here with us today. There are people from Poland, Romania and Italy here as well as groups from Kilmacud-Crokes Ladies Football Club, Shankill Tennis Club and Moyclare School. There are even leprechauns here who came down from the Cooley Mountains, which is a protected leprechaun site!"

No word on whether Jay “Leprechaun”Leno will try and win the record back next March.