So much for global warming! Ireland’s summer heatwave is still missing in action – and there’s no sign of it turning up anytime soon.

Experts at Met Eireann, the Irish state weather service, have confirmed the country has just experienced the coldest July in 50 years -- this after a similar finding for June.

And there’s little sign of August being much better after the month began with widespread rain across the 32 counties.

June was also the coldest it has been in almost 50 years with the readings for July no better.
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Met Eireann officials have confirmed that all but one of their 11 main weather stations reported below normal temperatures last month.

The greater Dublin area ‘enjoyed’ its coolest July for 46 years.

Dublin Airport’s weather station recorded average temperatures of just 56 degrees the lowest since July 1965.

Other unusually low temperatures included a 34 degrees ground level minimum temperature at Valentia, Co Kerry, the lowest since 1940.

An air temperature of 43 degrees was recorded at Cork Airport on July 6th, the coldest since 1965.

Weather forecaster John Eagleton said: “There were some good days in July but we did not get a run of good weather so people do not have a memory of that.”

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