In ‘The Games Industry in Ireland 2012’ report released on Friday by Jamie McCormick, Marketing systems manager at GALA Networks Europe, the gaming industry in Ireland was feverishly analyzed and it was discovered that there are now over 2800 people working in the gaming industry in Ireland, up 91% from a similar report done in 2009. These 2800 people are employed by over 80 companies in the country.

The report studies the business among four main categories: core development, industry services, retail and consumer focused services, and publishing services. It outlines regional jobs numbers, county company numbers, the split between indigenous and international companies, and the types of jobs currently available among people working in the Irish Digital Gaming Industry.

Examining data as recent as October 2012, the study shows game developers are up 292% and overall company numbers have quadrupled since 2009.

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The independent report, published as part of Dublin Games Week, 2012 held at the Digital Hub, also aimed to ascertain a market value for the sector in Ireland against the UK market.

McCormick, who has been working in the Irish Gaming Industry for over a decade, values the Irish consumer market between 2001 and 2011 at over 2 billion euro and the 2011 market at over 211 million euro. This means the Irish market makes up over 7% of the overall UK market and once again shows a significant growth on the 2009 report.

The report will be used as a benchmark for Industry and state agencies so future growth in the Irish Digital gaming industry can be measured against it.

With reports circulating that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 made 500 million dollars in its first 24 hours on sale, there can be no denying that future growth is expected in Ireland and abroad.