A real life ‘From Russia with Love’ story has developed around another Irish passport stolen by Russian spies for use in the U.S.

The Irish charity To Russia with Love, which oversees adoptions to Ireland from Russia, has revealed that one of their members had their passport stolen and later used by the Russian spy ring in the U.S. that was recently cracked by the FBI. The passport details were stolen when the worker for the Irish adoption charity was in Moscow.

A counterfeit passport, using the Irish woman’s name, was later uused in the US by one of the Russian Federal Security Bureau, the new name for the KGB  spies.

Irish police have also discovered that the Russian spies hacked into the charity's computers to get details on staff members, according to the Sunday Independent.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs told the paper it  "does not comment on individual cases," adding: "The gardai and the Passport Office have undertaken an investigation into the alleged use of a fraudulent Irish passport. This investigation is under way and we do not wish to speculate on its findings."

The suspicion is that the To Russia With Love passport was used by a ‘Cynthia Murphy’ who lived with her husband ‘Richard' in Montclair, New Jersey as an Irish American' couple.