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Norwegian mass killer seemed like 'normal guy' says Irish friend
An Irishman has revealed how he developed a four-year relationship with Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik through online gaming...READ MORE

Links to U.S. Tea Party for Irish presidential front runner
An online blogger has revealed the close association between Irish presidential candidate Gay Mitchell and the American right wing activist and Tea Party supporter Alveda King...READ MORE

U.S. team to solve ‘dark secret’ of the Lusitania off Cork coast
A dive team is set to descend and discover why the Lusitania sank so quickly off the Irish coast after being attacked by a German submarine in 1915...READ MORE

Miracle as Injured GAA player Mark McGovern wakes up from coma

In a development little short of a miracle Mark McGovern, the GAA footballer who has been in a coma after being kicked in the head during a match over a month ago in San Francisco, has finally woken up...READ MORE

IrishCentral's top ten famous people with Irish grandfathers
Pappy to some. Grandpa to others. Granddad. Gramps. Anyway you put it you are referring to your dear old Grandfather. Or if he’s from Ireland he can be your Seanathair, literally “old father” or grandfather in Gaelic...READ MORE

Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik transported in a police convoy as he is leaving the courthouse in OsloReuters