Ireland urgently needs to “harness the global Diaspora and to pull together high achievers from many different countries” says Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin in an exclusive interview with

He stated that an upcoming “Davos style” conference in Dublin will do precisely that from September 18 to the 20.

He expects over 100 business leaders from all over the Irish world to come together at Farmleigh House, the official government residence for the event, which will occur the weekend of the All Ireland Football Final.

“We want to bring together those leaders and to brainstorm a way forward,” he said. He said a key element was to try and “ network the global Diaspora and to build new relationships for Ireland."

“America is clearly the model for a successful Diaspora” he added, citing in particular the Irish-American role in the peace process and their involvement in bringing industry to Ireland.

He stated there are many Irish companies and leaders in nontraditional countries such as China, India and Russia and in the Perisan Gulf region who will also take part.

“We want to create a new energy, to bounce ideas off each other,” he said, adding that the conference will be an annual event and not always focused on economic issues.

On illegal immigration he stated that “we have considerable contact” with leading figures on Capitol Hill on the issue, and that they are following closely developments on comprehensive immigration reform, as well as focusing on a bilateral, Australian-type visa which would allow an Irish workforce to come to America legally.

On the new tax proposals from President Obama that may impact Ireland’s multinationals and force them to repatriate tax profits, Martin stated that the Irish Embassy had beefed up its numbers in preparation for the long battle on the tax issue.

He stated: "We want to make it clear we are not an empty tax haven – that the companies in Ireland produce real jobs and real results."