Fianna Fail has discussed a change of name and logo after its disastrous showing at the last Irish General Election.

The drastic plan to lose the Fianna Fail name was one of the measures discussed at a crisis meeting in Dublin.

Party leader Michael Martin was amongst those to discuss the idea at a day long seminar attended by deputies, senators and members of the European parliament.

The parliamentary party’s private session featured a frank exchange of views and represented Fianna Fail’s first detailed analysis of its election demise.

Details of the meeting remained scant but proposals will now be put forward to the annual Fianna Fail think-tank in September.

Sources did admit that a chance of name and logo was discussed in an attempt turn around the sensational slide in the most recent election.



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One delegate told the Irish Times: “There was a consensus that we have to hang together, given our diminished parliament numbers.

“The mood was constructive and there was an acceptance that it will take time to rebuild.”

Fianna Fail leader Martin attended the meeting as a rank and file member of the parliamentary party and did not engage in any media comments afterwards.

“He was very much one of us rather than handing down edicts as leader,” added a source. “There was much praise for the role he played.”

A party spokeswoman told the Irish Times that the day long session was no more than an extended parliamentary party meeting. “It has been blown out of all proportion,” she said.

Consultant Mark Ryan, a grandson of party founder Dr Jim Ryan, acted as facilitator for the meeting.

Delegates spent the morning discussing the party’s failure in the General Election and the threat posed by the likes of Sinn Fein amongst others to the party’s traditional Republican support.

The alliance with the Green Party was also blamed for Fianna Fail’s election collapse.

“There was unanimous agreement that we failed to communicate the depth of the economic crisis to the people, we lost their trust,” said the Irish Times source.

No decision was taken on running a candidate in the forthcoming Presidential election.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin