Senator Mark Daly, the Fianna Fail spokesperson for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora, has launched Ireland's first policy from a political party addressing the rights of Irish abroad.

The policy from Fianna Fail proposes to give voting rights to Irish citizens outside of the state and expand Irish Citizenship rights. The proposal also outlines the appointment of a Minister for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora "as part of an existing ministry with the focus of engaging with the global Irish community as well as to stimulate economic, technological and cultural advances in Ireland," and the appointment of global "Honorary Consuls" as advocates of the Irish community.

The Kerry-based Irish senator said he will continue to communicate with organizations involved with the Irish diaspora to improve the policy.

“I would ask members of the global Irish community to read the policy and to contact me with ideas they have as to how Ireland can engage with those Irish citizens overseas and the Irish Diaspora.  This policy is only the beginning of a new engagement with our citizens outside the state, our citizens overseas and those of Irish heritage.  This will be an on-going process and we aim to continue to expand and improve the policy as new ideas come from our global Irish community,” said Senator Daly.

“It is Fianna Fail's belief that all parties should have both a spokesperson and a policy for the global Irish community.  We also believe that all parties should commit to appointing a minister for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora at the next general election.”