READ MORE- Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up

The family of an Irishman who was shot in Bolivia hope to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister, Micheál Martin again, as part of their efforts to establish an international enquiry into his death.

Michael Dwyer, from Ballinderry Co. Tipperary, was shot dead by police officers during a raid on a hotel in Bolivia on April 16, 2009 over what authorities said was an alleged plot to assassinate president Evo Morales.

The young man’s family is expected to discuss claims issued by U.S. diplomats, exposed recently by WikiLeaks, that Mr Dwyer was lured to his death by South American intelligence services.

The 24-year-old died alongside Bolivian-born Eduardo Rózsa Flores and Hungarian Árpad Magyarosi, two others were also arrested on suspicion of orchestrating suicides.

In the latest WikiLeaks, a cable was released from the U.S. embassy in La Paz which quoted a local source who said that the group that the Irishman was with had been hired by Bolivian intelligence to plan a fake terrorist campaign.

However U.S. diplomats said that this was a hoax and that the young Tipperary man was lured to his death in order to “erase tracks”.

The cable was sent a month after Mr Dwyer’s death and was released by WikiLeaks to the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais, who printed extracts of the cable last Thursday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland said it was their policy not to comment on WikiLeaks releases. A spokesperson added that the Minister has met with the Dwyer family on several occasions.

READ MORE- Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up