A page created on the social networking site Facebook is demanding a boycott of Denny's restaurant chain over its insensitive “Irish famine” special advertisement that made light of one of the most distressing and tragic times in Irish history.

“Denny's Boycott - The Irish Demand Respect!” has over 600 fans who are enraged over the chain's action.

The founders of the page decided to boycott the chain of diners  "the moment Denny's decided to insult the Irish Community with their demeaning TV Ad which offers endless fries and pancakes in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Irish Potato Famine.”

After negative press and a public backlash, Denny’s pulled the ad from TV and issued the following apology:

"Denny's has a history of using humor in its television advertising. It is certainly not the intention of the company to offend anyone or any group, and we apologize if this spot has in any way. As a result of the feedback we have received from our customers the spot will no longer be on the air after Tuesday. We thank those who took the time to contact us."

But none of this sits well with many of those who commented on the page, and they were not shy in telling how badly this ad campaign affected them.

“Denny's has the audacity to make fun of those who died of starvation and disease that was much worse than any genocide ever recorded in history so they can sell their product on the back of our dead ancestors. The ad was appalling, and Denny's needs to know how we feel about our ancestors' defamation so they can sell a product and make a profit. FYI, they are still running the "special" which should be pulled also!” commented one user.

Another user was far more succinct in his opinion of the whole affair:

“Denny's Sucks.”

Click here to take a look at the page for yourself