An American court has summonsed the man who claims he owns half of Facebook home from Ireland – to prove his case.

Paul Ceglia is currently hanging out in Galway as he fights Mark Zuckerberg for a 50 per cent share of the social networking phenomenon.

Ceglia claims he is owed almost $30billion by Zuckerberg under the terms of a 2003 contract between the pair.



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Lawyers for Ceglia have told a New York State federal judge that their client has emails and a copy of the 2003 contract which prove his rights to half the Facebook fortune.

Now the judge has ordered that Ceglia returns from Ireland to search for a missing flash drive which Facebook lawyers believe contains important evidence.

Zuckerberg and Facebook says that Ceglia’s claim is baseless and founder on a doctored contract and made-up emails. Their lawyers say that the missing drive will help disprove Ceglia’s case.

Ceglia is adamant however that his experts have already examined the contract and concluded that it is authentic.