A Donegal park manager says he  has found the face of Jesus in a rock – but won’t disclose where it is.

Pat Vaughan told the Irish Examiner newspaper that he discovered the image near a castle in the Glenveagh National Park.

The paper reports that the rock picture purports to show a face in a bowed pose complete with a ‘crown of thorns’.

Vaughan has photos of the image but so far he is refusing to divulge the rock’s location.

He told the Examiner: “I just happened to be doing bits and pieces when it caught my eye. The more I looked at it the more I seen the face of what looks like Jesus.

“I didn’t want to get too carried away with the find so I took a couple of pictures of the rock.

“I brought it into some of the staff and showed them the pictures without mentioning what it was. The reaction has been amazing and everyone said the same thing, that it was a picture of our lord.”

Vaughan may reveal the location of the rock depending on the interest in his story, according to the report.

He added: “I know exactly where it is and I can guarantee that nobody else will find it. The last thing I want is to create another stampede for people looking for religious icons.

 “However, I can’t deny what I see and anyone who I have spoken to and shown the picture, sees the same.

“I may consider arranging for people to see the rock feature if there is a demand for it.”

Here's an image of the rock in question:



Face of Jesus has been found by staff at Glenveagh National Park, in DonegalGoogle Images