Opposition party Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny may be forced out of power after a devastating opinion poll that shows support for his leadership is crumbling. Another new poll out today showed that his Deputy Leader Richard Bruton is far more popular and he would most likely be the next leader if he challenged Kenny.

The Sunday Independent poll showed Richard Bruton at 52 per cent and Enda Kenny at just 21 per cent when people were asked who they would like to see as leader.

The opinion poll  in the Irish Times last week showed that for the first time ever the Labour Party had become the most popular party in Ireland, and that support for Fine Gael was falling fast.

 "The knives are out for Enda," a senior Fine Gael politician told the Sunday Independent yesterday. "I expect a move to be made within the next two weeks."

"I like Enda, but the game is up. End of story," one said. Another added: "Ring me in two weeks. If Enda is still leader by then I will eat my socks." Another stated: "I've supported Enda before, but I can't any more. Jesus, we're behind Labour. . ." And another said: "This isn't a reaction to an opinion poll. We have had this leadership problem for too long."

But the Fine Gael health spokesman Dr. James Reilly, who is loyal to Kenny stated: "There are no dark mutterings, and there are no dark doings going on against the Fine Gael leader."

A front bench  member of the party stated said: "I would say Enda has lost the support of 80 per cent, maybe 90 per cent of his frontbench."

A challenge to Kenny may come as soon as next week.