The Eire Society of Boston, one of the oldest and longest running Irish societies in the United States, will be celebrating their 75th Anniversary by hosting their Gold Medal Dinner at Hampshire House on May 10. This years co-recipients of the medal will be Irish singer Ronan Tynan and radio personality Seamus Mulligan.

Ronan Tynan, a former member of The Irish Tenors, has been an influential representative of Irish culture for decades, providing a soothing yet powerful dynamic to classic Irish songs. His continued devotion to music has led him to play countless venues throughout the United States, including the White House, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and Fenway Park.

In addition to Tynan’s accomplishments in music, his influential scope proves to be significantly broader. Born with phocemelia, Tynan’s legs were underdeveloped, and had to be amputated when he was only twenty. Despite his handicap, Tynan went on to compete in track and field events at the international level, accruing eighteen medals and fourteen world records. He would even eventually go on to earn a Doctor of Medicine at Trinity College. In the years since, while still maintaining a solo singing career, Tynan has become a highly sought after motivational speaker throughout the United States.

Honored alongside Tynan will be Boston legend Seamus Mulligan. Born in Co. Monaghan, Mulligan has previously served as the chair of the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, and continued to be actively involved with the Irish community in Boston. His weekly radio show, Feast of Irish Music, sets out to enrich the Boston airwaves with a showcase of beautiful songs and stories, witty proverbs, and anything else that enhances the history and traditions of Irish culture.

Prior to his radio show, Mulligan has been a part proprietor and general manager of The Irish Cottage Inc. – a chain of highly successful Irish specialty stores. His involvement with Irish culture, as well as the sheer joy he takes in discussing his culture has made him an exceptionally valuable asset for any Irish organization.

The award itself has been presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to benefit society in their chosen fields of expertise. Both Tynan and Mulligan will be joining a list of highly-acclaimed Irish and Irish-Americans to receive the prize over the years, including President John F. Kennedy, Irish poet Seamus Heaney, and former Irish President Mary Robinson. For more information on the event, and for contact information, visit

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