DUI suspect Kevin Daly (23) crashed his car into a police patrol vehicle on Long Island, NY, while wearing a graphic t-shirt which read “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.”

Lt. David Geer called the shirt “ironic” and said, “It’s almost surreal to have that happen.”

According to New York Post reports, Daly spun his 2000 Saturn out of control at 1:45 am, last Thursday in Mount Sinai, Suffolk County.

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Armand Reyes, the police officer from the Selective Alcohol Fatality Enforcement Team, was sitting in the patrol car observing possible drunk drivers. Neither man was injured in the crash.

As Daly was pulled from the car he told police officers, “I had two beers, the big ones . . . I deserve whatever I get. I was drinking and driving."

He also said that the rain contributed to him crashing into the vehicle.

Daly had a blood alcohol level of .11.  He also has 13 prior arrests and seven convictions for various crimes.

The police said they were shocked by his “alcohol-related outerwear," considering.

Lt. David Geer said, “The T-shirt was announcing his feelings about intoxication. I think any time people take something as serious as alcoholism and driving a motor vehicle under the influence that lightly, it is an immature attitude.”

Even Daly’s lawyer, Matt Hereth, was amazed by the irony of his shirt. On Friday, he wore his t-shirt inside out for his arraignment.

Hereth said: “You see people come in here all the time in weird clothes like pajamas, but his shirt was just ironic.”