Are there ghosts spooking about at Mansion House, the residency for the Lord Mayor of Dublin and his family? Reports say yes, there are otherworldly beings floating about.

The Irish Sun reports that Lord Mayor of Dublin Naoise O Muiri insists there is “definitely stuff happening” at Mansion House after his young daughter told him he saw a little girl watching television in the family’s living quarters.

O Muiri told the Irish Sun, “In the middle of the night my six-year-old daughter Ailbhe walked from her room through the sitting room and into mine.”

“Briona followed her in — the next day she turned to me and said she saw a girl with dark curly hair sitting watching TV at 3am.”

Some may think that Briona’s ghost sighting may be childsplay, but O Muiri disagrees. “Briona has never heard or had never heard any talk of ghosts. She is very small and young, very sensitive.”

He added that “Nobody has access to the living quarters at night time,” and that the sighting “happened 12 weeks ago and we haven’t brought it up again.”

Even further, O Muiri himself has had his strange encounters in Mansion House, which was constructed in 1705, lending itself to a long history.

“I was skeptical coming in (having heard the stories) but there is definitely stuff happening,” said O Muiri.

“One room upstairs is reputed to be haunted,” said O Muiri, “someone is meant to have died there hundreds of years ago. It’s hard to heat the room. If I walk out it’s like someone is watching you. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.”

“I believe it’s a benign presence, it’s not aggressive or malevolent but it’s there.”

O Muiri isn’t the first politician to encounter ghost like activity at Mansion House. Back in 2009, then-Mayor Eibhlin Byrne’s dog Sam started getting spooked while she was living in the Mansion House.

Byrne said at the time: “For some reason, when you walk down the hall in the house, there is a door leading off to the stairs and Sam won’t walk past it. He puts the paws down and he’ll refuse to walk past it.”

“People have told me stories about a previous resident who had a cot death and had gone upstairs to see the babysitter.”

As reports of paranormal activity at Mansion House abound, ghost hunter Tim Kelly and his Irish Ghost Hunters are keen to investigate the building. The team will use the latest in ghostbusting technology to record the movements and sounds of the spirits, and will monitor any changes in the electromagnetic field.

Should Kelly and his team encounter ghosts, they will then call in a psychic to attempt to banish the spirits.

Similarly, the Soul Searchers Paranormal Group want to help release the spirits that have put the fright into the O Muiri family.

The psychic for Soul Searchers, Deborah R., says she encountered two spirits when she was in the Mansion House as a youngster. 

"One of the spirits is believed to be of a girl who used to work as a servant some 200 years ago, while the other is believed to be a man that is a “superior type who does not want to leave.”

Deborah R. has offered to perform a Celtic druid ritual to release the spirits back into the afterlife.

Deborah’s partner Sam said, “Deborah believes the spirits are not malevolent, but bad things have happened in the Mansion House in the past. It is only when she gets in there that she will know for sure whether there are any bad spirits.”


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