A Dublin musician has set a new Guinness World Record for continuous guitar playing in the Temple Bar.
Dave Browne’s (43) challenge was not all plain sailing. He had originally aimed to play for over 100 consecutive hours. However he was told on Friday night by Guinness Book officials that the record actually stood at 113.
Cheered on by a crowd of well wishers the exhausted musician played on. The crowd changing “Dave-o, Dave-o” inside the pub attracted more and more passers-by on Saturday morning. 
Browne started playing last Sunday night and was scheduled to finish playing on Friday at 8pm.  However due to the Guinness Book’s mistake he had keep playing for another 14 hours to reach his goal.
Clare Peelo, on of his band mates, was in tears when she spoke  to the Herald about her pride. She said “This was a dream of Dave's. He's so full of life. I'm unbelievably proud of him.”