Business mogul Donald Trump has slammed the Republicans’ super PAC ad against President Barack Obama, ahead of the presidential elections next year.  

Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” it was one of the worst commercials” he’s ever seen. 

He said, “I thought it was one of the worst commercials, in terms of what they were trying to do, that I’ve ever seen…They are making Obama look great. They are making him look like that’s the man we want to be president. I looked at that clip very closely, and actually, I couldn’t believe it.”

Trump made an impromptu call to the MSNBC show about the American Crossroads advert. The ad suggests that Obama is too cool for the presidency. 

Also on the show was advertising executive Donny Deutsch who praised the ad saying it was “very compelling."

Deutsch said, “It takes Obama’s perceived strength and turns it into a negative. It shows that his celebrity makes him out of touch and it sets Romney out to be the fix-it, competent vanilla … vanilla is the new black, and it is compelling…What celebrity means is, he’s not connecting to you.”

Trump said, “I heard him [Deutsch] talking favorably about the ad that was put out essentially by the Republicans, and I thought it was a terrible ad. It made Obama bigger than life. It made him to be the super celebrity, which I don’t happen to think he is.”

Deutsch retorted saying, “You’re projecting yourself — because to you, [celebrity] is the dream, that’s the most amazing thing in the world. But to the average guy who is out of work or pissed off, they start to go, ‘Wait a second. What’s he doing? Yeah, he’s cool and everything, but I don’t want cool now. I want meat and potatoes.’”

Here’s the clip from “Morning Joe”: 

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