The Irish couple who met each other on their wedding day have split – just seven days after their bizarre nuptials.

The former bride, Bebhinn O’Keefe, 25, said she had split from 31-year-old  Alan Healy shortly after they returned from honeymoon.

"I didn't see much of Alan on the holiday and I don't want to either," Bebhinn said.

"I suppose there was a lot of expectation on both our parts that didn't come to anything."

The couple got married last week in a “non-binding” ceremony in Kilkenny after beating more than 85 other men and women for the chance to get married live on air.

The video of their wedding can be seen at right.

It appears that the couple were also offered a house, rent-free, for the year, which they declined.

Things must be bad if they turned down cost-free housing in Ireland!